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Hydrogen-Based Drives



Hydrogen-Based Drives

Hydrogen engines and fuel cell drives are one of the key technologies for the global decarbonization of mobility.

In a mix of different energy sources and drive concepts hydrogen-based drives will play an important role in climate-friendly future transport systems.

As an innovative test house we are well prepared to support you in the development and testing of your hydrogen engines and fuel cell drives  with our compentence gained in over 50 years of experience in the sector of powertrain evolution of conventional and electrified drives.

Test Capacities:

  • Test Bench for Hydrogen combustion engines 
  • Test Bench for Fuel cell components and systems as well as complete powertrain systems
  • Performance range: up to 500kW
    • Hydrogen supply pressure max. 70 bar
    • Max. mass flow up to 50 kg/h
    • Different types of hydrogenare available
    • Intake air conditioning (25°C +/- 5°; 50% rel. humidity)
    • Cooling capacity down to -40 °C for oil and coolants
  • Inverter tests
  • Simulations (HiL)
  • State-of-the-art measurement equipment



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