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Commercial Vehicle Engines

The transiently operated KST engine test benches for commercial vehicles can be set up transversely or longitudinally and have an output of up to 800 kW. The load units cover a wide array of application areas, including suitable tandem solutions.

Tempered operating supply circuits and combustion air tempering/conditioning guarantee our ability to simulate countless real-life scenarios.
Our test benches allow test series up to 800 kW/5,000 Nm (transient), when used tandem up to 1200 kW/7,500 Nm, hybridisation up to 500 kW.

Additional features:

  • Inca, diagnosis and DoE systems in program automation
  • Exhaust gas analysis and indication measurement equipment
  • Engine application (computational engine characteristic optimization/Cameo, application tool/Inca, ATI VISION)

KST test benches include powerful test bench automation for any drive program, including external measuring devices for all common interfaces and bus systems. All customer formulas and drawings are available directly at the test bench.

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