Leading player in electrical energy,
KST Motorenversuch signs a partnership with SERMA Energy for Battery and Hydrogen Testing

June 2022. KST Motorenversuch and SERMA Energy announced that they have signed a cooperation agreement in the fields of battery and hydrogen drive train testing and expertise.

KST‐Motorenversuch operates a modern test field with a total of 85 test benches for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and large bore engines for vehicle powertrains, hybrid‐ and electrical drives and their components. For Fuelcells and Hydrogen Engines KST‐Motorenversuch disposes of a specialized development test field with a growing capacity of actual 12 testbenches.

SERMA Energy offers expertise, test and homologation services on batteries (cell, module, pack) thanks to 5 testing platforms. SERMA Energy is the last company created by the SERMA Group in 2019. Based in Pessac – France for 30 years, SERMA Group, has been carrying out expertise and tests on power converters and batteries for more than 12 years. SERMA is also involved in products design and cell technology expertise.

Both companies are now offering to their worldwide customer base complementary engineering and testing services for two major growth markets in future mobility solutions: battery and hydrogen drive train testing and expertise.

Prof. Dr. G. Reiff, CEO of KST entrusts: „This Cooperation is an important milestone to offer our customers a complete portfolio of drivetrain testing in all electric and hydrogen drivetrain applications. SERMA Energy and KST share the same highly customer oriented market approach and I am sure customer from around the world will profit from our cooperation. “

We are proud to cooperate with KST which is a well recognized testing company in Europe. This cooperation offers to the market a unique access to large expertise and testing capabilities on powertrain applications for future mobility“ explain Peter Herssens, CEO of SERMA Energy.

ABOUT KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG

Testing Powertrains to move the Future

For more than 50 years already, KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG stands for competence and innovation. We accompany our international customers on the path of the mobility of the future. Our workforce of 200 highly qualified employees master the continuously changing and complex process of change in this industry sector. We guide our customers through tailored R&D and specific investments needed for certain validation processes. 

As a family run, medium sized business we assure our customers fast decision making, lean operational procedures and highly efficient services.

KST’s range of services include the following areas:

  • E-motors and hybrid drives (BEV, PHEV, HV)
  • Power electronics (Inverter)
  • Hydrogen engines
  • Fuel cell powertrains
  • Heavy duty engines
  • Transmission-, powertrain-  and component-testing
  • Internal combustion engines 
    including:  CNG, LPG, H2, CNG, E-Fuels
  • Real Driving Emissions (RDE)
  • E-Fuel and Lubricant testing

In this dynamic environment KST is developing innovative test procedures together with its national and international customers. KST accompanies the dynamic change processes of future mobility solutions by prompt and targeted developments and investments in necessary validation procedures. These serve to ensure the reliability of the new drive concepts as for example hydrogen‐fuel cells for automotive applications. As a familiy‐run company our customers profit from quick decisions, short distances and efficient provision of services. www.kst-motorenversuch.de


SERMA Energy is a consulting, expertise and testing platform for energy and supports its clients throughout the value chain. Its resources are designed to meet all current and future standard technologies with power levels that can exceed a megawatt.

SERMA Energy offers to manufacturers a complete range of qualitative and normative tests and certifications, organised into 3 departments:

  • batteries (cells, modules and packs),
  • power electronics (converters, on-board or fixed chargers, inverters),
  • e-machines (e-motors, powertrains, etc.).

The platform adress all industries facing a transition from internal combustion engines to electric motors or moving to e-mobility and renewable energies: automotive, aviation industry with hybrid and electric planes and energy storage systems where SERMA is already supporting customers.

SERMA Energy completes the group’s technological facilities serving the microelectronics, embedded systems and cybersecurity fields, and consolidates the one-stop shop for expertise and consultancy that it offers around electronics and systems. www.serma-energy.com


SERMA is an independent platform of expertise, consulting and testing for electronic technologies, embedded systems and information systems. It is particularly involved in the design, security and reliability of products and data.

Specialised in sectors with severe environmental, reliability and security constraints, SERMA is characterised by its culture of technical excellence and its network of experts. SERMA serves its customers throughout the product life cycle: from R&D and design phases to maintenance in operational conditions.

SERMA Group supports system designers and users in the mastering of their strategic challenges and is organised around the following 5 complementary businesses:

  • Microelectronics
  • Energy
  • Electronics technologies
  • Safety and cybersecurity of systems
  • Embedded system engineering

1200 engineers and technicians are the strength of the Group operating in 20 industrial sites in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Tunisia. The Group plans to have a turnover of more than €140M in 2021.

The SERMA Group’s business is supported by the following subsidiaries: SERMA Technologies, SERMA Ingénierie, AW2S, KN Systèmes, SERMA Safety and Security, SERMA Energy, SERMA Energy Iberica, SERMA Microelectronics, Thin Film Products, SERMA ID MOS, SERMA Productivity Engineering and SERMA International. www.serma.com

Dennis BACKES | Sales Manager KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG| dennis.backes@kst-motorenversuch.de