Willy Wolf-Academy

Lectures, Discussions, Information

Willy Wolf-Academy

Experts share their knowledge and present their findings. Attendees to events have the possibility of broadening and concretizing their knowledge by interacting with speakers and discussing with other participants.

The Academy’s lectures focus on related topics:

⦁ The range of today’s and future propulsion systems of motor vehicles (land, water, air)
⦁ The development of individual and commercial road traffic.
⦁ discussion topics on the impact of motor vehicles on health, environment, and energy consumption

Particular emphasis on the following subjects:

⦁ Motor vehicle propulsion systems
⦁ Autonomous driving
⦁ Road and traffic safety
⦁ General topics of interest touching on other areas of knowledge.

The academy also extends its offer and opportunities toward university and college students.

Students are offered the opportunity of internships, company visits to gain insight to the working environment, presentations of test bench technologies on test beds in operation and to attend technical lectures.

The cooperation with regional as well as national universities and colleges creates a strong link between science and potential, future employees. This cooperation allows joint research projects to be carried out and topics of the future explored. The interaction of laboratory research in collaborative research centres is key.

The continuous training of employees is of great importance in times of fast paced change and increasing expectations on the workforce. The academy offers interdisciplinary training and further education.

The founder

Dr. Ing. Friedrich Wilhelm (Willy) Wolf

(15.04.1913 – 21.01.1989)

Mr. Dr.Ing.Friedrich Wilhelm (Willy) Wolf was the founder and senior general manager (1976-1989) of KST-Motorenversuch (founding date: 1967).
The development and testing of operating supplies for motor vehicles (fuels, lubricants, transmission lubricants, anti-freeze, etc.) were his purpose in life. He brought with him valuable experience from working many years in the petroleum- and automotive- industry as well as his thirty-year long enthusiasm as lecturer to mechanical engineers at the “Karlsruher Institut für Technologie” (KIT), the former technical college in Karlsruhe.

His professional career:

⦁ Mechanical engineering studies at the technical college in Karlsruhe
⦁ Test engineer at the IG Farben AG in the department of carbon hydrogenation
(Prof. Dr. Matthias Pier/department of Prof.Dr. Wilhelm Wilke)
⦁ Test bench director at BASF AG (Ludwigshaven/Rhein) for mineral oil auxiliaries (motor vehicle operation supplies, motor vehicle exhaust gas detoxification and plastics)
⦁ Lecturer at the university in Karlsruhe (giving courses on “operating supplies and their applications” for thirty years)

Dr. Wolf was presented the “Diesel award” for his countless technical publications and his years working in the automotive and mineral oil industry as well as his many years of research and training in this field.