Component and System Testing

Testing Powertrains to move the Future

Component and System Testing

„Test benches for individual powertrain components allow analysis of the components outside the engine or vehicle assembly. That way, any potential weak points within the complete system can be identified and optimised.“

The following options are available for testing components and systems based on combustion engines:

  • Burner test benches/thermal shock testing with hot gas generators for functional and durability testing of exhaust gas systems independently of the engine
  • High-temperature oven for catalyst aging, DPF regeneration (with simulated atmospheric conditions, up to 1200°C)
  • Hot gas bending cycle test with dual axle excitation – to establish stress- diagrams
  • SCR systems
    • Thermal analysis of DeNox injectors, including cooling elements and thermal elements
  • Tilt-rig test benches – to determine engine capacities (pressure values, temperatures, …)
    • Gas content measurement (TMT, Flucon, DSI)
    • Blow-by measurement (with additional air injection)
    • Oil pressures and temperatures
  • Modal and operational vibration measurements (measuring tool: Müller BBM)

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