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Development, Testing and Certification of Engine Operating Supplies


KST carries out operating supply testing according to CEC norms and also according to specifications from the OEM (house tests) and supports the development and certification of new operating supplies with analyses of oil supply, like oil consumption and oil dilution.

KST uses their experience in the area of testing of fuels and lubricants, among other things, for:

  • Operating supply and release testing according to the CEC Norm or according to OEM specifications
  • Wear and tear on engine and powertrain components (RNT)
  • Development projects for new development of operating supplies

On our premises we have a tank farm for around 20 different fuels. In addition to standard fuels and biofuels (up to E100 or B100) or propane and natural gas, we can also store special fuels in drums in our fuel infrastructure (total capacity 400,000 liter) and can be fed into the individual test benches.

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