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Driving test


For vehicle test on special test tracks and on public streets, the whole vehicle or individual powertrain components are tested under real driving conditions. Also part of the test is In driving tests on public roads or on testing grounds the complete vehicle as well as its individual components or systems can be tested in real life driving conditions. The range of services includes both individual measurement and/or evaluation drives as well as the multi-shift endurance run of the test vehicles. KST has an experience of at least 25 million kilometers officially driven.
All tests are performed by qualified and experienced test drivers following clearly defined route profiles i.e. operating modes using state-of-the-art mobile measurement technologies. Unique route profiles can be defined by the customer or by KST depending on the objective of the test.
KST’s customer service comprises the overall management of the tests including maintenance, repairs, miscellaneous alterations as well as the logistics of spare parts and operating agents.

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