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Heavy Duty Engines for Industry, Shipping, and Mobile Machinery

KST’s heavy duty engine test field is designed for engines of up to 4000 kW (800 kW transient) and 60,000 Nm (used in tandem) – as well as hybridisation up to 500 kW – as required also with sea water cooling. The test benches are provided with all required fuels, including natural gas.

Additional features:

  • Inca, diagnosis and DoE systems in program automation
  • Exhaust gas analysis and indication measurement equipment
  • Engine application (computational engine characteristic optimization/Cameo, application tool/Inca, ATI VISION)

KST test benches include powerful test bench automation for any drive program, including external measuring devices for all common interfaces and bus systems. All customer formulas and drawings are available directly at the test bench.

Development area: Exhaust

  • Particulate filter (DPF) for low exhaust diesel engines (for example for use in inland navigation vehicles)
  • Exhaust gas after-treatment systems (SCR)


The following certifications are performed with monitoring by technical supervisory institutes like TÜV, Germanischer Lloyd, etc.

  • Certification as per UIC 1, 2 (UIC-Union Internationale des Chemins de fer)
  • Certifications as per EU Levels III B and IV, EPA Tier 3 and 4, taking into account
    the latest exhaust regulations
  • Application and certification of exhaust after-treatment systems (retrofit kits)
    for commercial and off-highway applications (as per Appendix 27)
  • Performance certifications as per current national and international regulations
  • COP assessments

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