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Promotion of Young Motor Sport Talent



For a number of years, KST has been sponsoring kart sport talent Loris Prattes from Neuhemsbach, near Kaiserslautern. The youngster is 14, and has had great success even at his young age. Since 2007 he has repeatedly been the champion of Rhineland Palatinate as well as German Vice Champion. In his last race for the German VEGA Trophy in Wackersdorf (Bavaria), Loris qualified for the World Finale at the beginning of November in Le Mans, France with a title at the X30 Juniors. Since 2012, Loris Prattes has been driving in the highest German ADAC Kart Series and in the Westdeutschen ADAC Kart Cup (WAKC).

Our promotion of Loris in his karting with conventional combustion engine drive, together with our development work in the electric drive area, led us to work toward developing and testing a cart with electric drive. The KST electric kart is currently being tested by Loris for its competitive viability on both special tracks and kart race tracks.




In the meantime Loris has switched from kart racing to touring car racing and has successfully participated in several races of the Clio-Cup even on Formula 1 circuits (see Newsletter Loris Prattes – Spa-Francorchamps).




Between the race weekends he has completed an internship at KST thus expanding his knowledge of engines.




After having moved from karting to automobile racing in 2016 Loris had the opportunity to prepare himself successfully for the challenges which lie ahead of him by participating in last year’s races of the Clio Cup.
2018 will be Loris’s first season to compete for the Swiss Topcar team in the ADAC TCR Germany Touring Car Championship (see Newsletter Loris Prattes – ADAC TCR Germany).



Loris Prattes, the pleasant and ambitious young racing driver who is already 1.80 m tall will continue to be supported by KST in the perspective of his sustained successes even as regards touring car racing.

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