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To test electric powertrains and related components, KST offers a full selection of testing services ranging from mechanical and electric testing to thermal characteristics of the drivetrain. In reply to strong market demand we increased E-testing capacity for inverter and e-drive applications for passenger cars and light duty vehicles, from February 2021. This expansion, especially targets 2EM and 3EM test bed configurations, growing our e-drive testing portfolio.


• 1EM – Highly dynamic test benches up to 520kW and 25,000 1/min

• 2EM – Powertrain test benches with 2 load units and voltage source (for E-axle testing):
Load torque up to 5.100 Nm (per wheel).
Voltage source up to 1.200V / 2.000A / 500kW

• 3EM – Powertrain test benches with 1 input and 2 load units (for transmission/ differential testing):
Input power up to 520 kW
Load torque up to 5.100 Nm (per wheel)



• Simulation of ambient conditions (temperature of fluids and ambient air)
• Residual bus simulation
• CANoe CANape
• FieldBus operation application
• Performance measurement
• Early damage detection
• Operational vibration analyses

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