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Test Benches for Electric Motors/Electric Drives

In the powertrain test field, KST develops and tests electric motors for alternative powertrains.

The test field for electric high voltage machines includes:

  • Various systems to create the high voltage-DC voltage up to 1000 V, 1200 A and 500 kW (DC voltage supply from Gustav Klein, Horiba, Kratzer and Heinzinger)
  • Dynamic systems for 48 V on-board power supply (20kW / 65VDC / 385A)
  • Freely configurable battery simulations with various battery models
  • Benchmark testing: Universal converter for operating test specimens without specific power electronics
  • Use of brake chopper to prevent voltage spikes
  • Specially developed spindle bearings and drive shafts for safe and precise connection of the specimen to the test bench
  • Equipment for coupling operation (back to back)
  • Dynamic electric motor test benches for basic development and mechanical testing
  • Test bench to simulate the vehicle powertrain, also in connection with a combustion engine

In detail:

1. Development test benches – to develop electric motors

  • RPM up to 20,000 1/min
  • Torque up to 430 Nm
  • Power up to 178 kW
  • Moment of inertia of the load unit 0.2 kg·m²
  • Drehzahlgradient 20,000 1/min x s
  • Speed gradient 20,000 1/min x s
  • Quick, precise torque measurement
  • Comprehensive, specific measuring equipment for the development of electric powertrains (selection)
    – Power meter from Yokogawa WT3000 to measure electric current and voltage, and
    also to calculate the power and efficiency by means of addition torque and RPM signal
    – Digital storage oscilloscope Yokogawa DL850 with eight insulated input channels,
    sampling rate of up to 100 MS/s for transient events and continuous curve recording
    for durability tests
    – Schleich motor tester MTC2 6kV for completely automated measurement of
    resistance, insulation resistance and winding resistance of electric motors
    – High number of measuring channels

2. Powertrain test benches – to analyze a hybrid powertrain of any topology in vehicle size

  • Powertrain test bench with up to three requirement-oriented load units with braking and driving torque of up to 3,200 Nm respectively
  • Distributor and summation gearboxes to adapt to a wide variety of powertrain topologies and test requirements
  • Test ranges of engine, transmission, clutch, and other components in the powertrain
  • Simultaneous operation of combustion engine and electric components in the powertrain

3. Network test benches – to test compact hybrid powertrains
(Combustion engine, HV electric motor, transmissions, power electronics and battery):

  • Linked assembly (machine against machine) to simultaneously test two specimens with the same voltage
  • High RPMs can be simulated

(Realization of RPMs of up to 19,000 1/min and very high power with high performance transmissions)
4. Durability test benches with dynamic climate technology for environmental simulations and media supply

  • Testing of durability of high voltage machines up to electric power of 500 kW respectively
  • Intelligent monitoring strategies to maximize the daily runtime
  • Prevention of standstill times with KST’s own measurement analyses, such as prediction of the winding temperature by means of temperature models
  • Specially trained employees and on-call service of engineers ensure efficient shift operation.

Expert competence: Test tempering and conditioning/simulation of the environmental conditions

  • Flexible and dynamic simulations of environmental conditions
  • Temperature of the cooling medium of -45 °C to 140 °C
  • Temperature of the ambient air of -60 °C to 160 °C
  • Conditioning of the ambient air humidity over wide areas
  • Different media, throughputs, temperatures, pressure, etc. for engines and power electronics are possible
  • Sophisticated piping technology to securely attach the test specimen
  • Simulation of high and defined temperature gradients of air and coolant supply through continuously developing climate technology
  • Simulation of extreme temperature gradients (temperature shock) by means of heat energy storage for media tempering and nitrogen injection for ambient air tempering
  • Conditioning of the oil temperature of the electric motor oil circuit
  • Power meter, 4-channel with 4 x 200 A or 700 A
  • High-precision transformer
  • Transient recorder, 10 channel
  • Motor tester for fully automated measurement of grounding resistance and winding resistance

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