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Engine Test Benches for Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

The range of test benches includes:

  • Commercial vehicle, dynamic up to 800 kW; passenger cars, dynamic up to 460 kW
  • Dynamic systems for 48 V on-board power supply (20kW / 65VDC / 385A)
  • Tandem assembly to extend brake performance
  • Longitudinal or transverse assembly
  • Intake air tempering or conditioning
  • Cryogenic temperature equipment – thermal shock testing (engine coolant/oil conditioning -45 °C)
  • Inca, Diagnosis and DoE systems in program automation (D2T Morphée) by means of Asap3 and ACSI interfaces
  • Road-load simulation (RLS) to simulate cycles of operation, including gear changing processes
  • Exhaust gas analysis and indication measurement systems by means of AK and Indicom interfaces
  • Engine application (computational engine characteristic optimization/Cameo, application tool/Inca, ATI VISION)
  • Thermal shock testing
  • Example of thermal shock:
    – Hot phase: Operating points with maximum exhaust gas temperature (dynamic drive cycles)
    – Cold phase: Shutdown or idling (cooling down with or without test bench blowers)
    – Thrust phases with overrun shutoff (internal cooling of catalytic converter and mufflers)


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