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Heavy Duty Engine Test Benches

The dimensions of the test benches for heavy duty engines offer optimum test run conditions. A system for simulating (pressureless) sea water cooling is also available, in addition to supply of all liquid fuels and natural gas:


  • Test bench dimensions: 7.5 x 14.4 x 5 m
  • Power per test bench: 4,000 kW
  • Transient power: 800 kW
  • RPM, max.: 3,500 1/min (dynamic)
  • Torque, max. : 5,000 Nm (dynamic)
  • Load unit: AC machine HD800 for transient tests (tandem assembly possible)
  • Natural gas supply (from 50 hPa system pressure)
  • Supply and exhaust air: 50,000 m³/h
  • Conditioned intake air: 6,500 m³/h
  • Conditioned humidity: 50 % relative
  • Conditioned temperature: 25 °C

Extension natural gas operation

  • Gas controlled system with a system to for adding propane and CO2
  • Gas chromatography to determine the calorific value of natural gas
  • Rotary piston gas meter to determine consumption of propane, CO2 and natural gas
  • Propane tank: ca. 1,600 Nm³; CO2 tank: ca. 15,500 Nm³/ methane city gas max. 1,200 Nm³/h

Generator operation, heavy duty engines:

  • Cable set for generator operation (0.4 kV/2,400 kW), 50 and 60 Hz, charging bench increments: 1 kW
  • Power meter with transformer: 4,300 A, 3,000 A, 2,300 A, ,1500 A


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