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Component Test Benches


Test benches for individual components of the powertrain guarantee the analysis of components outside of the engine or vehicle complex. Possible points of weakness within the complete system can be identified and optimized.

Thermography to analyze hot gas conducting components

Hot gas test benches/thermal shock testing with hot gas generators – to test functioning and durability of exhaust systems independently of the engine.

  • Gas temperature: max. 1200 °C
  • Operating supply: Natural gas
  • Exhaust flow rate: up to 0.34 kg/s
  • Exhaust gas backpressure: max. 500 kPa
  • Option: Thermal shock module
  • Commercial vehicles: Mass flow increase via parallel circuit

Flow test bench for exhaust gas components

  • Calibration of exhaust flow rate and exhaust gas backpressure
  • Optimization of the flow geometry
  • Space-dependent measurement of twist and tumble
  • Throughput up to 400 kg/h
  • Tippelmann test bench

High temperature oven

  • Preconditioning
  • Stabilization
  • DPF regeneration
  • DPF and cat aging
  • Artificial atmosphere

Technical data for high temperature oven:

  • up to 1200 °C
  • Usable space: 50x50x70 cm
  • Injection of N2, O2 and H2O

Hot gas bending cycle test with dual axle excitation – to determine the stress number diagram

  • Tractive force: max. 15 kN/cylinder
  • Vibration displacement: 0.1-150 mm
  • Vibration frequency: max. 100 Hz
  • Gas temperature: max. 1,000 °C
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Exhaust flow rate: max. 250 kg/h

Testing and development of exhaust gas after-treatment systems Diesel particulate filter (DPF) testing/aging

  • Regeneration behavior at different soot and ash load states
  • Regeneration variants in worst case situations
  • Cycles according to customer requirements
  • Automated aging and regeneration cycles
  • Event-dependent program flow via Inca communication

DPF soot load

  • Cycles according to customer requirements
  • Automated aging and regeneration cycles
  • Event-dependent program flow via Inca communication

Catalytic converter

  • Drive program development with lambda peaks
  • Air injection to increase temperature
  • Testing multiple specimens in one exhaust system
  • 2-line exhaust gas analysis

SCR systems

  • Attachment of DeNox injectors to exhaust system
  • Thermal analysis of DeNox injectors, including cooling elements and thermal elements

Swiveling test benches – to determine the engine measurands (pressures, temperatures)

  • Swivel angle max. 50 °
  • Engine net weight max. 1 t
  • Motoring max. 350 kW
  • Equivalent acceleration 1.2 g in all directions in space

Measurements at the swiveling test bench

  • Gas content measurement (TMT, Flucon, DSI)
  • Blowby measurement (with additional air injection)
  • Oil pressures and temperatures
  • Standard measurands
  • Special measurands according to customer requirements
  • Video monitoring with a maximum of eight cameras


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