Synthetic fuels / operating fluids

Testing powertrains to move the future

Synthetic fuels / operating fluids

„Synthetic fuels/e-fuels represent a vast potential for the decarbonisation provided they are synthesized in a CO2-neutral manner and can be used in existing fleets, for example by adding them to fossil fuels.”

KST has the measurement and analysis system technology required to adapt its test benches to the individual requirements of the synthetic fuels. This enables us to demonstrate the effects and influences on engine hardware and software with and without calibration modifications. Our range of services include testing engine durability, components and fuel-carrying systems.

Range of services
  • Support and advice during implementation of the measurement tasks for all your development work, right through to complete vehicle testing
  • Application measurement technology
  • Emissions tuning/settings on the test bench
  • RDE homologation (in cooperation with TÜV)
  • Exhaust emission tuning on roller dynamometer test bench
  • Fuel mixing according to customer requirements
  • Oil and fuel analysis (result evaluations) in our in-house laboratory
Equipment (extract)
  • Asynchronous machines for motor loads up to: 520kW (passenger cars) and up to 800kW (commercial vehicles)
  • Intake air conditioning
  • Powerful cooling and conditioning units for all operating fluids
Measurement systems (extract)
  • Exhaust gas analysis:
    • 5-component AMAs
    • Particulate counter
    • Microsoot sensor
    • Sesam FTIR
  • Fuel measurement systems: Coriolis
  • Cylinder pressure measurement: combustion process measuring indicator

Operating fluid tests according to CEC standards

KST carries out operating fluid tests according to CEC standards and OEM specifications (in-house tests). KST is certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 1702:2005 .

KST supports the development and certification of new operating fluids with, for example, oil supply analyses (tilt-rig test bench). In this regard, KST draws on its many years’ experience in testing fuels and lubricants.

Range of services
  • Operating fluid and validation testing according to CEC standards or OEM specifications
  • Wear measurements on engine and powertrain components (RNT)
  • Development projects for new operating fluid developments
  • In-house laboratory for test analysis

Our premises holds a fuel farm with the capacity for 20 different fuels. In addition to standard fuels and biofuels (up to E100 or B100) or propane, natural gas and hydrogen, special fuels stored in separate containment units (IBC) can easily be directed to the individual test benches in use.

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