Heavy-duty engines – industry / railway / marine

Testing powertrains to move the future

Heavy-duty engines – industry / railway / marine

„Heavy-duty engines continue to play a major role as internal combustion engines and hybrid drives.”

KST’s heavy-duty engine test facility is designed for industrial, railway and marine engines up to max. 4,000 kW (800 kW transient) and 65,000 Nm (in tandem configuration).

In addition, the corresponding power supplies, including battery simulations, are available for hybrid powertrains.

With our heavy-duty engine test facility, we provide you with comprehensive expert support in all your development work. In addition to component and system testing, we also offer endurance testing and tuning for exhaust gas aftertreatment. We also have a specific circuit for simulating seawater cooling (pressure-free).

Furthermore, the test benches are equipped with powerful test bench automation for any drive program, including external measuring devices for all common interfaces and bus systems. All customer formulas and labels are available directly at the test bench.

Component and system development
  • Engine applications (computer-assisted optimisation of engine maps using Cameo, Inca application tool, ATI Vision)
  • Hybrid and electric motor control with CANalyzer, CANape, CANoe
  • Modal and operational vibration analysis (including mobile applications)
  • Strain measurements (strain gauge application performed by by our staff)
  • Installation of indication measurement technology
Endurance testing
  • Validation
  • Durability
  • Functional testing
Tuning of exhaust gas aftertreatment
  • Particulate filter (DPF) for low exhaust diesel engines
    (e.g. for use in inland vessels)
  • Analysis of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems (DPF regeneration strategies, SCR systems, catalysts)
Emission measurement
  • Emission measurements and certification
    according to recognized standards in: EUROPE – USA – CHINA.
  • Temperature and pressure measurements (up to 200 channels)
  • Inca, diagnostic and DoE systems
  • Exhaust gas analysis and indication measurement technology
  • Transient power: 800 kW
  • Max. rpm: 3,500 1/min (dynamic)
  • Max. torque: 5,000 Nm (dynamic)
  • Load unit: HD800 AC machine for transient tests (tandem assembly possible)
  • Hydraulic brakes up to 7.2 MW and 65,000 Nm
  • Supply and exhaust air: 50,000 m³/h
  • Conditioned intake air: 16,500 m³/h
  • Conditioned humidity: 50% relative
  • Conditioned temperature: 25°C
Fuel supply
  • LPG 8 bar/20 bar and CNG 70 bar/200 bar
  • Natural gas up to 400 hPa, 650 Nm³ with online calorific value determination
  • Biogas simulation with CO2 and propane
  • Fuel farm for 20 different fuels
  • H2 3.0 and H2 5.0 up to 70 bar and 200kg/h
Generator operation, heavy duty engines
  • Cable sets for generator operation (0.4 kV / 2400 kW, and 3 kV / 1200 kW)
  • Load bank instruments: 1.2 MW, 50 and 60 Hz
  • Generator operation with inverter 690V / 1050 kVA and transformer 3kV / 690V, 1000 kVA
  • Power meter with transformer: 4300 A, 3000 A, 2300 A, 1500 A

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