Fuel cell systems and stacks

Testing powertrains to move the future

Fuel cell systems and stacks

„Fuel cells and hydrogen engines are one of the key technologies for the decarbonisation of mobility.”

With over 50 years’ experience in the field of engine and powertrain development, we are ideally equipped to provide efficient support in the development and testing of your hydrogen-based powertrains.

Testing capacities for:
  • Hydrogen combustion engines
  • Fuel cell components and system tests
  • Development tests
  • Efficiency optimisation
  • Automated endurance testing
  • Simulation calculations with Simulink
  •  Transient drive profiles (ISO 16750 – Road cycles)
Fuel cell test bench for testing fuel cell systems
  • System test with battery simulator as load
  • Endurance
  • Application
Hydrogen test bench for testing hydrogen combustion engines
  • System test with e-machine as load
  • Endurance
  • Application
  • Performance range up to 4MW
  • Hydrogen supply up to max. 70bar
  • Hydrogen flow rate up to 200kg/h
  • Testing with various qualities of hydrogen possible
  • Operation with mixed gas CNG + H2
  • Intake air conditioning (25°C +/- 5° ; 50% rel. humidity)
  • Cooling capacity down to -40°C for oil and coolants

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