Electric / hybrid powertrains

Testing powertrains to move the future

Electric / hybrid powertrains

„The potential for development of components, subsystems and complete systems of electrified powertrains is still in an early growth phase.”

To allow these to be tested and validated in every stage of their development, we offer a comprehensive range of tests on: e-motors , inverters, electrical ancillary systems as well as hybrid powertrain testing. Our electric powertrain facility caters to all requirements trough its modern test beds which are laid out to cover a full range of R&D assignments.

KST-Motorenversuch considers itself a progressive and innovative partner for your R&D work because we offer state-of-the-art development and durability test benches.

Development activities

With our development and functional test benches, we carry out a wide range of measurements on electric powertrains. We work on the desired requirements with you and equip the test bench with the necessary measurement technology and corresponding test configuration.

Services ranging from components to complete powertrain testing

Our service portfolio covers the following areas:

  • Test beds for e-motor powertrain and component testing (including hybrid systems)
  • Test beds for e-motor powertrain testing with the integration of original vehicle battery (including hybrid systems)
  • Back-to-back configuration of e-motors and e-axles
  • Durability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Thermal validation
  • Performance and efficiency tests
  • Rotation speed change test (Rotor)
  • High Voltage Stator testing
  • Start-stop simulation
  • EOL (end-of-line) tests
  • Environmental simulation tests
  • Durability tests
  • Parameter tests
  • NVH testing
  • Powered thermal cycle endurance (PTCE)
  • High and low temperature operation endurance (HTOE)
  • High temperature humidity endurance (HTHE)
  • Electrical testing according to the following standards: LV124, 148 and 123

Naturally, we offer freely programmable power electronics in case only the motor is available for your development work (please also refer to “Expertise – Power electronics/inverter”).

Endurance testing

We can carry out powertrain testing with up to 5 electrical machines on our test benches (FWD, RWD, AWD, trans-axle systems): 

  • 5EM(AWD): Powertrain and differential tests with 4 load- and one drive machine (up to 520kW)
  • 4EM(AWD): E-powertrain test with 4 load units and one voltage source.
  • 3EM(FWD/RWD): Powertrain and differential tests with 2 load- and one drive machine (up to 520kW)
  • 2EM(FWD/RWD): E-powertrain test with 2 load units and one voltage source.
  • 2EM: drivetrain test bed with 2 load units und Verbrennermotor

For e-motor testing or complete e-axle tests, we also offer the possibility of back-to-back set ups.


To facilitate the testing and development of electric motors and hybrid powertrains, our test benches are equipped to perform a wide variety of test: 

  • Up to 5EM applications
  • E-drive systems up to 520kW/24000rpd
  • Motor emulation
  • voltage sources: 1,200V / 2,000A / 500kW
  • 4-quadrant operation (390kW/5000Nm per wheel)
  • Media conditioning
  • Conditioning of testing environment
  • Residual bus simulation
  • CANoe CANape
  • Fieldbus communication
  • High frequency AC & DC voltage and current measurements
  • Power measurement
  • Early damage detection
  • Operational vibration analysis (BSA)

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