Combustion engines and operating supplies

Testing Powertrains to move the Future

Combustion engines and operating supplies

„For more than five decades, KST has been standing for experience, competence and flexibility in the development and testing of internal combustion engines.”

We meet the ever-increasing requirements on combustion engine and component testing with flexible automation systems and state-of-the art measurement technology.

Range of services: Combustion engines

Our range of services in the field of combustion engines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles covers the following points:

  • Validation of dynamic standard cycles with emission measurements
  • Test beds for hybrid powertrain tests
  • Test beds for hybrid powertrain tests including the use of original vehicle batteries
  • Cold start and thermal shock test tests
  • Functional analyses of the engine mechanics on combustion and hybrid engines
  • Functional development work on exhaust gas aftertreatment systems (particulate filters, SCR, …)
  • Development and validation work of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems on the test bed (in original vehicle positioning), operating vibration tests, durability with resonance tracking, …)
  • Tilt analyses for optimisation of oil supply and blow-by system (tilt rig capacity up to a 55° angle)
  • Certifications

Combustion engines, passenger car/commercial vehicle development

Research and development activities (extract):

  • Testing and development of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems
  • Regenerative behaviour under different soot and ash loading conditions
  • Regeneration variants in “worst case” conditions
  • Cycles according to customer requirements
  • Automated ageing and regeneration cycles
  • Event-dependent program flow via Inca communication
  • Drive program development with lambda peaks

  • Dynamic power up to 800 kW
  • Powertrain test beds (FWD, RWD, AWD) up to 390kW/5000Nm per wheel
  • Tempered and conditioned intake air
  • Exhaust gas analysis, particle count, particulate mass, FTIR, EGR rate
  • Engine application with Cameo (CoE), application tools: Inca, ATI-Vision, … .
  • Dynamic systems for 48V and high-voltage on-board power supply
  • ryogenic temperature equipment – thermal shock testing (engine coolant/oil conditioning -45°C)
  • Combustion monitoring with indexing
  • INCA and all common diagnostic and DoE systems
  • Early damage detection – Reilhofer
  • Road load simulation (RLS) to simulate cycles of operation, including gear change processes
  • Modal and vibration analysis
  • Consumption and flow measurements of gases and fuels
  • Regulated fuel and gas temperatures (-30°C to 120°C)
  • Monitoring of gas quality using a gas chromatograph
  • All fuels, including LPG, CNG, Ethanol, H2
  • Fuel and oil analysis in our own laboratory
Special Development Test Benches
  • Cold/altitude test bench for complete engine or intake air
  • Cold-start cell (down to -40°C)
  • Tilt-rig test bench

Synthetic fuels / operating fluids

Synthetic fuels/e-fuels represent a vast potential for the decarbonisation provided they are synthesized in a CO2-neutral manner and can be used in existing fleets, for example by adding them to fossil fuels.

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Component and System Testing

Test benches for individual powertrain components allow analysis of the components outside the engine or vehicle assembly.

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Passanger Car Exhaust Emissions

The new Euro 7 standard is currently being prepared. The legislation provides for further reduction of emissions and for new pollutants and gases to be added.

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