Corona-Virus / Covid 19

KST has taken all necessary precautions to curb the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19) and to protect the health of our entire personnel and their families.

These include amongst others the implementation of measures relating to hygiene and rules of conduct as well as the possibility to work from home.

Visitor and travel activities were reduced to a minimum.

The current situation in the automobile industry makes us face big challenges too.

The measures we have taken are aimed at ensuring the availability of our reliable services even in these difficult times. KST will continue to carry out all running and forthcoming projects in the usual manner.

In coordination with its business partners KST will assess future developments and basic conditions on a daily basis and will respond flexibly to changing situations.

Please contact us if you have questions or if we can actively support you during this challenging time. Your usual contact person remains at your disposal.

In case your contact person is not available please refer to one of the following team managers:

Mr. Nico Weyland, Customer Group 1

– Phone: +49 6322 799 126 – Email:

Mr. Dennis Ströter, Customer Group 2 

– Phone: +49 6322 799 323 – Email:

Mr. Philipp Premel, Customer Group 3 

– Phone: +49 6322 799 344 – Email:

Mr. Roland Prinz, Sales

– Phone: +49 6322 799 192 – Email:

Please also feel free to contact the management directly.

We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship and above all, we wish you good health in these challenging times!

Best regards

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Reiff                                                         

Chairman of the Executive Board                                                                

Gunther Wolf

Managing Director

You can find Safety Information for our guests here.

You can find the questionnaire for our guests here.