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We work together with other specialist companies in similar areas of expertise as part of a network of competency. We are able to offer comprehensive service and support for projects. AtTrack GmbH
AtTrack GmbH – Technologie | Design | Consulting is a development and consulting company with a focus on mobility development. ITNW Ingenieurtechnik NordWest GmbH
ITNW Ingenieurtechnik NordWest GmbH is an independent service provider for design and computation within research and development tasks, as well as for special services in air and space technology, mechanical engineering and plant engineering. Emesco SARL
EMESCO Monod Schüler & Co is a French-German strategy developer in the air and automotive industries. IMSC International Management Support Company
IMSC International Management Support Company is a specialized service provider for international business development in the automotive industry and mobility technology. HOTZ management GmbH
Die HOTZ management GmbH is specialized in interim management, sales and business development. DSI Delta Services Industriels
DSi offers innovative equipment and services for the development and testing of engines and lubricants. ALVIER Mechatronics GmbH
The Alvier Mechatronics GmbH has its offices in the Willy Wolf-Academy, Bad Dürkheim and focuses on the development of electrical drive solutions.

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